SharePoint MasterPage V5 (HTML 5)

SharePoint MasterPage available in HTML 5 for free

Responsive HTML 5 SharePoint MasterPage  is proposed by Kyle Schaeffer ( It takes advantage to the powerful features of HTML5 and CCS3.

SharePoint 2010 MasterPage V5 HTML5
SharePoint 2010 MasterPage V5 HTML5

SharePoint 2010 MasterPage V5 is very simple by nature and designed to offer a framework for customization of your SharePoint 2010 platform. It perfectly fits to SharePoint publishing sites, with focus on navigation, pages and also SharePoint web parts.

Design of MasterPage as been made to be compatible with SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Enterprise & Standard versions. It has been tested for SharePoint Publishing sites and for wiki sites.

You can change site logo with your own logo image in library files.

See the features:

  • HTML5 semantic layout (<header>, <section>, <footer> and more)
  • HTML5 document type declaration
  • Renewed <head> content to fits to HTML5 best practices and standards
  • Compatibility with backwards
  • Responsive CSS3 for different media queries

A deployable package is available, as well as a Visual Studio template, to add automatization to the deployment of the MasterPage and files.

Download v5.master masterpages and CSS files for free.

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